Do Your Gutters Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced?


Do Your Gutters Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced? Here are some signs to look for.

Rain gutters might not seem all that critical part for your home. But let us assure you, they are. They redirect rainwater away from your windows, exterior walls, doors, and most importantly away from the foundation,  preventing water from getting into your home.

Sure proper maintenance and cleaning will extend the useful life of your gutters, it’s more then likely that there will be a time when you will need to have them repaired or replaced. Here are a few signs to look out for that will tell you when it’s time to replace your gutters.

Cracks or Splits

A small crack might seem like something you can simply overlook. But before you know it, small cracks can quickly turn into big ones. Especially in the winter months as the water freezes, expands, and melts over and over.

Unrepaired cracks will not only damage the gutters further but also damage the fascia boards, allowing water to seep behind and potentially cause rot. It may even cause problems with the roof shingles and ultimately the foundation. Water damage to the foundation can be more devastating than one might realize in the short term.

Pools of Water Around Your Foundation

The major purpose of gutters is to keep water flowing away from your foundation. However, if you notice mildew and/or pools of water near the foundation, it could be an indication that the gutters are not working as intended. To avoid costly, time-consuming repairs and infrastructural damage, it might serve you best to consider replacing your gutters.


Checking for gutters that are sagging or pulling away from the house is something that we would recommend doing often. Especially if you aren’t sure how old the gutters are, after moving into a new home.  This is an indication that the gutters are full of water.

Water is heavy and that weight could be forcing it to pull away from the house. A gutter full of water means the system is not draining properly and should be repaired or replaced. Most likely replaced if the gutters are older than 15 years.

Rust Or Paint Peeling

Peeling paint can most certainly be an indicator that water is wreaking havoc regularly. Older gutter, and the brackets holding them, and the downspouts were often made from steel.

You may notice signs of rust. This could indicate cracks, damage, or that the gutter is not working as intended. Rust will travel with rain and snow, down to the outside of your home. Over time, you may notice permanent rust streaks. Replacing your old gutters with new ones, before the rust staining could save your wallet in the long run. We suggest that check your gutters regularly and replace them if you notice any signs of irreparable damage.

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